Congregation Shalom Rav – Austin’s Reconstructionist Congregation

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Congregation Shalom Rav is an inclusive, participatory, and innovative Reconstructionist Jewish community.


Shalom Rav chose the name “Abundant Peace” in the hope that what we do in the community as a congregation contributes to establishing peace in the world. We welcome individuals and families of diverse backgrounds and invite them to experience Judaism by exploring ancient traditions within our American context of values. We emphasize prayer, ritual and learning for adults and children.

Check out these mutually supportive movements, and join Congregation Shalom Rav as we learn from both of them to encourage a positive balance for Jewish life. Combat both ignorance and fear with Torah knowledge and with love for the Divine within all.

What is Reconstructionist Judaism?

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The Reconstructionist movement is committed to Jewish traditions, to egalitarianism and inclusion, and to helping Jewish communities flourish. The Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, RRC, “cultivates and supports Jewish living, learning, and leadership for a changing world.”

What is Jewish Renewal?

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It is a fledgling movement, even younger than Reconstructionist Judaism. However, it is the ONLY Jewish movement which has members and supporters who are Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Renewal, Reconstructionist, and beyond! It is a “transdenominational approach to revitalizing Judiasm.”

The three contributions of Aleph-Jewish Renewal:

  • Reb Zalman has made it possible for non-orthodox or post-halachic Jews to fully participate in the world of Kabbalah and Chassidic study and practice with balance, knowledge, and discipline.
  • Weekly Jewish Retreat Center called “Elat Chayyim“
  • Aleph Kallah held every two years every 2nd summer