About Us

Welcome to Shalom Rav!

Want to know what our congregation is like?


Decisions are reached through a collaborative process.


We encourage all members to participate in and lead both community and religious activities, and to apply their unique skills to building and sustaining the congregation.


We seek to fully involve all Jewishly-identified members (both children and adults) in all religious services.  We also extend full participation to non-Jewishly-identified partners who wish to join in Jewish ritual. We do not require conversion for membership.

We encourage our members to share their individual explorations with the Shalom Rav community through sponsoring study groups, leading services and workshops, teaching songs, hosting celebrations, and many other initiatives. Judaism is a collective endeavor. In community we find the guidance and strength to develop our individual and collective Jewish identities. As members of Congregation Shalom Rav, we connect ourselves to a 4,000 year old worldwide community of Jews, and commit to maintaining the stability, strength, and caring of our congregation and of the Jewish people as a whole.

Shalom Rav recognizes and embraces the multi-faceted nature of Jewish identity. Our members express their Judaism in many ways through:

Community-building by working for the collective well-being of the congregation

Organizing Mitzvot

Serving on the Board and Committees

Sharing meals and fellowship

Hevra Kadisha

Hevra Israel

Hevra Sephardim


Exploring interactions with the Divine


Crafting liturgy

Intellectual Study

Jewish history

Jewish philosophy

Jewish theology

Social Responsibility

Tikkun Olam



Discovery through the creative arts – Literature, poetry, music, dance, and the visual arts

Diet – Jewish regional cooking, vegetarianism, eco-kashruth

Zionism – Exploring our relationship with the State of Israel

Language – Study of Hebrew

Sephardic History and Culture